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Where to buy high quality replica air jordan

Replica Nike Air Jordan 1 Low x Travis Scott

                     Nike Air Jordan is one of the hottest sneakers in street fashion, due to the resale price is too expenisve, so replica shoes will be the second choice for most jordan lover.

                     In Putian ,China, the biggest shoes factory in the world, there are different level of replica shoes.

  • Level 1 : Low similarity and Low quality.
  • Level 2 : Medium Similarity and Low Quality.
  • Level 3 : High Similarity and Medium Quality.
  • Level 4 : High Similarity and Same material as Authentic Item.
  • Level 5 : High Similarity and Same material as Authentic Item plus quality check for each pair of shoes before the factory shipout.

                     Usually, you cannot buy Level 5 on replica market, those high quality shoes was ordered by buying agent in foreigner and they sell it back to China with authentic item price.

                     Best Wonder Closet do the quality check for you. Due to we know the quality is varied even though we order the Level 4 from our factory. Factory ship the shoes to our store, we do quality check for you and send the quality photos to our customer, then we ship to your. It can avoid a lot of quality problem.

Quality check

                     Buying high quality replica air jordan in Best Wonder Closet is the best choice for each jordan lover and we are doing low price currently because we hope each people can afford their favorite shoes.