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Are we trustworthy?

Of course, our company is located at Shen Zhen, China. Our product is supplied by factory directly, so you can buy high quality product in cheap price comparing to other website.

Can I cancel my order if i change my mind?

You can cancel your order before we ship out. Please contact us as soon as possible if you change your mind. Once the good ship out, we will try to interrupt the order, but it will charge you some shipping fee about $10-15 US dollar.

Can i return my order?

Yes, you can return your order within 14 days in resalable condition. Due to expensive of international shipping cost, so international returns fee must be covered by the customer. However, if the problem can solve in another way, we would love to do it.

Can I view the real photos of my sneaker before it ship?

Of course, please contact us if you want to view the real photos of your sneaker, then we will send you the real photos of your sneaker before we ship out. If you are not satisfy with the condition of your sneaker, you can ask to change another pair of shoes, we will happy to do this for you.

Missing package but the shipping status shows it has been signed?

In this situation, please contact the shipping company to confirm the order first, if the package is stolen by someone, we cannot do anything on it.

Shipping company lose my item?

Once we confirm the shipping company lose your order, we will re-send you another pair of sneaker, please contact us.

Duties and Taxes

All internationl duties and taxes will not charge to customer in our website. Sometime, your item will be charged taxes by custom when it arrive to your country, it is less to happen due to we ship by special channel, but we cannot guarantee it won’t happen.

Can i change my shipping address after item shipped?

Sorry, once the item have been shipped, the shipping address cannot be changed anymore

What is shipping insurance?

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